The Freeman Report

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I waited until I got over my anger and frustration before I wrote this blog. When I first saw the pick and we chose Josh Freeman I thought my wife would call and have the men in the little white coats to come and get me. I went Berserk My Dog ran and hid under the table

My Parrot learned all sorts of new words that now I have to try and break him of. And I still cant find the Cat I am hoping it comes home soon. And if choosing Freeman was not bad enough we actually moved up to 17 costing us not only our number 1 pick at 19 but a 6th round pick as well. What was strange is that Freeman would of fallen to us at 19 if we would have just waited.

And if not the pick would have been better used as a defensive move seeing we just let go of Two Pro Bowl players and Three others that were way above average So we definitely needed to use the first pick to help fill some Gaping Holes.

But instead we took a player that is supposed to be our franchise QB for the future. Well lets take a closer look shall we.  All Morris could talk about was his so called achievements.

Fact yes Freeman threw for 8,078 yards in his college career. Fact he threw 44 Touchdown passes but he attempted 1,151 passes doing it which by the way he only completed 680 of them. He also threw 34 INT’S that’s a average of .77 Int’s  for each TD and to add to that is only a 57.9% completion ratio.

He was also sacked 57 times resulting in a loss of yards. Gee you would think by then he would have learned to throw the ball away. Christ Vinny Testaverde did better than that. Bruce Gradkowski had a better record in college.  Now lets look at another unknown

Luke McCown Luke played four years OK he threw for a total of 12,666 yards he made a total of 1176 attempted passes he completed 1063 of them . He had 87 TD’s and he had 62 Int’s That’s a 60% completion ratio. And I see and hear all these Fans that think they know that Luke will wash out. All I can say is Facts don’t lie  It was a WASTED PICK on a never will be by a rookie HC and GM in there first draft. And we are not done there are a lot of other mistakes made by them in this draft. 

fish              So What does the fish and Freeman have in common FLOP,FLOP,FLOP                            84301062JZ038_2009_NFL_DRAF



Hi Guys I’m Back Again

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In my last Blog I covered the Offense and decided we just needed a few tweaks here and there. Like Davin Joseph I want to start with Davin  People are saying we should dump him. It makes me scratch my head and wonder why? I say we should give the new O-Line coach’s the chance to see what they can do with him and the line My god he JOS17497727 years old

He played great years before    Height: 6-3   Weight: 313   Age: 27 Born: 11/22/1983 Hallendale , FL College: Oklahoma Experience: 5th season High School: Hallendale HS [FL]

Then Defense  Barrett Rudd had 120 tackles last season, including 87 solo stops, two sacks and two forced fumbles. People say he is too small to be a MLB. I this is the case lets go to a more aggressive type player  one that can move quick enough to shoot the Gaps as well as stop the run at the line.

take a MLB we all know  Example Clay Mathews of Green Bay This is what is needed with our style Defense I say if he is still there in the second round we take Casey Mathews

This is what we need

Now Brian Price 

Price did not surprise many by coming out a year early. He had a monster year in 2009, winning the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year award. He is a penetrating force that disrupts both the passing and rushing games because of his consistent ability to break in to the backfield in a blink. There are a lot of these players however that fail to make it big in the NFL because the power game in the trenches is still a vital component. Price needs to strengthen his lower half so that he can hold up against the more physical blockers and play with a better sense of leverage. If he can do that over the early years of his career, he has the ability to evolve in to a top flight defensive tackle at the next level. He will be sought after towards the second half of the first round, mainly by teams looking for a penetrating presence along the interior of their defensive line.
Pursuit/Lateral Movement and Agility: Relentless motor that is constantly hustling towards the action. He has a hard time staying on his feet once in the backfield, lack of balance and stiff hips even for a defensive lineman. Can run well within the tackle box and trip up a back from behind.

This is not my opinion but it fits some of his injury problems

I know you have heard me say over and over again that he falls down a lot he has to stiff of a lower body that will get injuries like broken hips joint problems and other problems that can be avoided if we act now and find a good replacement for him Now Defensive Ends 

Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue  will be gone by the 20-th pick

So if the Bucs want to get him they will have to do a 3 pete  and move up to get him I think the Jags will take him at 17 so do we see another trade up for a player or will we see us take a lesser player instead.  Cant wait to see how this pans out.  All I know is this team desperately needs A PASS RUSH  My other place of wonder will be the Safety position So I ask will we draft there or will free agency come into play

Sean Jones sucks and that’s why he was dumped by the Eagles. He is not a playoff type player If he was he would still play in Philly. Well that’s my opinion and you know I know nothing. Or will all this mean nothing  once The Lock out  comes into play.

SEE YOU SOON y1phBxFA7dpeM-oeLC0i9SS2yZkxM4ojS0eNOQX0wx4CkGit8o4cKfwTve80vugW1ytJ3JdzcHZ_SGlWWB-GgD5BATheBucMan

HI Guys….It’s been a while

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  I decided to take a year off from my blogs and take a good look at our team. To take a unbiased look at where we are at in Raheem’s dream. I’m not one of these fans that refuse to see the bad. But  I was one that could not see the good along with the bad.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2010

  Yes biased I was but there is a lot of good there and there is bad as well still. So Lets start with the Good

  25 TD’s his longest was 64 yards. I do not have room for all the good so I am going to bring up the few that are outstanding.

1st Josh Freeman as you know he was not my choice at QB but I have to say he really impressed me this year. Out of 16 games this year. He started 16 he threw 474 passes completed 291 that gives him a 64% passing rating He threw for 3451 yd.’s. had a average of 7.3 yd.’s. per pass. His longest was 64 yards.

He had 6 INT’S and he also had only 4 fumbles (overall) a 95.9 % QB rating in all. To me the real Hero here was a Budding young Superstar WR Mike Williams This Kid is awesome. In his first year he had 65 receptions for 965 yd.’s his average was 14.8 yd.’s his longest was 58.

Mike scored 11 TD’s in all in his rookies season which out done Calvin Johnson of Detroit in his first year. Impressive63828024-tampa-bay 

  LeGarrette Blount  1007 yd.’s – out of 201 attempts that’s a 5.0 average a long of 53 with 6 TD’s.  Kareem Huggins had a good showing but the injury kept us from seeing just how well he could do. If you look at the Backfield and I’m sorry Caddy I love you But we do have another back that has a 5.0 Avg per carry as well. He carried the ball  16 times for 130 yd.’s He had a 46 yard run with only 1 TD this year Yes I’m talking about Earnest Graham. Those two backs would smack ware out any defense around. I am not saying to dump Caddy or Huggins but lets start the top 2.

Benn,Stroughter,Spurlock, and the rest of the receiver corps is fine. With the exception of Stovall I think we could do better there.  THE OFFENSIVE LINE will be fine with the new line coach in place unless contract problems develop our offense overall for once is looking good. 

This is my first Blog in a year now and I finally got the parrot to stop swearing so bad  the dogs are good now no more shaking and the cat finally came home. After that first draft the wife made me go get a motel room to watch the last one. Well I’m going to go with the Defense next. but that will be the next Installment  lol so I’m signing off for now 

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